Control your Entire House simply using your Voice

Enjoy the convenience of hands-free Home Automation, with Alexa.

Home Automation meets Voice Control

Home Automation meets Voice Control

One of the fist home automation brands to combine smart home scenes with Alexa voice recognition. With simple commands home owners can a single light off or dim the lights to create the perfect mood, or even adjust the room temperature from the couch.


Creating Personalised Experiences 

Personalise your Smart Home with pre-set scenes to set the mood, create ambiance, and provide convenience. The 'Cooking' scene could raise the lighting in the kitchen, lower the shades and turn the TV onto the food channel - all with a single voice command. Or go to bed and 'Turn off house' - Alexa can shut down your entire house by turning off all the lights and TV's, locking the doors and arming the security system.

Creating personalised experiences