The ultimate in energy efficient living 

This stunning home is located on the hillside in the coveted Marlborough Ridge Estate, overlooking lush vineyards and the pristine Marlborough landscape. The home owner provided a very specific brief to have the ultimate GREEN Smart Home - they requested that it should include all areas of home automation but remain energy efficient. This was a complex project from design to installation, but the end result was a system that was easy for the customer to use.

Ridgetop Rise - Energy

Energy Management

Clean, Green and everything in between

Having a renewable home was one of the most important aspects to the homeowner. Using technology the home essentially runs itself with all heating on timers, and energy is stored. This has helped the customers ensure they are effectively managing their energy, but has taken the stress from it. They can still heat their home, have long showers and use technology throughout, without compromising their ‘Green Home’ and energy efficiency. 

Ridgetop Rise - Comfort


Comfort with Control

This home has a custom programmed solution that automates the process for controlling maximum energy demand, charging electric vehicles and storing energy for both home water, heat pumps and the heated floor. All heating is on timers so the home takes care of itself, and takes care of the owners, who never arrive home to a cold house.



“When we were looking at home automation we knew what aspects were important for our home. The Advanced Electrical team worked hard to integrate all parts of our home. Although this was very complex for them to design and install, for us as an end user it is very easy to use.”
- Homeowner

Ridgetop Rise - Security


Lock and Leave

Security is a important aspect of the home as the home owners often travel. They have the ability to secure their home at night or on departure. They can check who is at the front door from the bedroom or from the other side of the world. Using the 'away' function on the keypad, they can turn the lights off, turn all other devices off and set the alarm. This not only ensures their home is secure but it helps them save energy while they are out.

Ridgetop Rise - Lighting


Smart Lighting that's Brilliant

This home literally lights up at night! The lighting throughout the home can be controlled by their keypads, touch screens or from their smart device. Lights can be dimmed in any area to help save energy, and create the perfect scene. Standard light switches are a thing of the past, this home has customised keypads that allow the home owner to control the whole scene with the touch of a button.

Project Completed By Advanced Electrical