Retro meets Techknow 


Initially uncertain about home automation, this New Plymouth homeowner soon became convinced after being shown the benefits, simplicity and possibilities of home automation. This modern, open plan 4-bedroom home is full of the latest and smartest technology, but it's so discrete you wouldn't even notice it's there. The heart of this home is the stunning garage and retro diner, perfect as a striking first impression for guests!

Retro & Techknow - Audio


A music lovers dream!

Throughout the home there are 8 audio zones and 3 additional zones in the outhouse. The homeowners wanted to fill their space with music without bulky speakers and cords visible so, discrete in-ceiling speakers and in-wall subwoofers were used and grills painted to match the wall colour - leaving them almost invisible. Outdoor garden speakers were used in the outdoor living and spa areas. Every music lovers dream!

Retro & Techknow - Visual


TV's everywhere

The homeowners can now watch the game while the kids are watching a movie. There are 5 TV’s in the main house and if they want to escape to the outhouse there are TV’s in both the guest room and diner. They have endless entertainment options with Netflix, Bluray, SKY TV, Apple TV - all easily controlled through a single remote, touchscreen or phone.


From a sceptic to a 100% believer in Control4 is how I would describe myself. I could not imagine why anyone would consider building a home without building in some sort of system.
— Homeowner

Retro & Techknow - Security


Protecting what's important

The property has a security gate at the entrance; a door station with camera and intercom that allow the homeowners to answer and open the gate regardless of where they are. The camera can also be be viewed from the homeowners touchscreens or smart device. This ensures the home is always secure regardless if the owners are at home or on holiday.

Retro & Techknow - 60s Diner

60s Diner

The Heart of the Home

What sets this house apart from other similar builds is the outhouse. Complete with a 7 car show garage (every mans dream), 60s themed diner which includes a bar, dance floor and TV and guest room. The diner is definitely the heart of the home, complete with LED lighting strips that can all be easily controlled.


Project Completed By Techknow