Instantly receive push notifications, emails, or texts if your customers’ networks need attention—no matter where you are. You’ll be able to react before a client knows there was ever an issue. BakPak alerts are accurate and actionable to minimise the need for troubleshooting. Easily define when you receive alerts, and on which devices.

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Your Entire Customer Base atYour Fingertips

Deliver Superior Service to Your Customers

Consistent network management and monitoring gives you at-a-glance feedback of all of your customers’ networks with a simple dashboard that will let you know when devices are offline, need firmware updates, or a network needs immediate attention. Speed test, network performance history, and other reports provide you and your technician with invaluable insights.

Troubleshooting Simplified

On Your Mobile or Your Laptop

BakPak has intelligent self-healing capabilities, which automatically attempts to resolve connectivity issues—without your intervention. In the event that you do need to take action, BakPak allows you to remotely access and troubleshoot your Pakedge network devices, as well as many 3rd-party devices, through at-a-glance customer profiles and an insightful global map view. Run network speed tests, and power cycle ports and power outlets to quickly resolve issues from your mobile device or laptop.


Get Your Customers Up and Running Quickly

More Efficient Deployment

BakPak will scan and automatically detect connected devices, creating a network map that provides an at-a-glance view of a customer’s network in one place. The network map captures MAC and IP addresses, model numbers, serial numbers, and saved configuration names all in one place, saving technicians from tediously recording this information for future troubleshooting and management.

Manage and Monitor all Connected Devices 


View Zigbee, Z-Wave, and IP Devices in One Interface

Rather than logging into countless devices to perform more tedious tasks, you can streamline and finish configuring and deploying systems all from one dynamic interface. BakPak supports many third-party manufacturers such as Middle Atlantic, Panamax, and more. Log in directly from BakPak to configure and manage devices without keeping tracking of a list of IP addresses or doing any port-forwarding. With the new integration with Control4, you can even monitor Zigbee and Z-Wave home automation devices.

Streamlined Configuration

Group devices across multiple networks to push configurations and firmware updates with just a few clicks. Even set power schedules for entire groups. Don’t get stuck updating one device at a time for each of your clients. Do them all at once with group management.