Automation makes your space smarter



Imagine if your home or business could manage itself? Your lights know when to turn on and off, your doors lock and alarm sets when you leave the house and your heater warms up as you're driving home from work.
And anytime, anywhere, you can control everything from your smart device. 

The best home automation solution is always personalised around the homeowner and how they use the home.
Are you a entertainer, frequent traveller, sports fan or parent wanting to check on the kids?
Regardless of your needs, AVA Pacific can create a solution to fit.

 We will also make sure we create an home automation platform that is easy for the whole family to use
and enjoy each and every day.




Entertain your guests, listen to your favourite music in one room or throughout the entire house. Settle in on the couch enjoying movies or sports.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting creates the perfect mood with elegant lighting that also brings convenience and energy efficiency to your home.



Have peace of mind at home or away. Lock your home with one touch regardless of where you are, and check on your home with your smart device.



Always enjoy a comfortable home that self manages itself depending on how you use your home and the weather conditions.



Easily manage your energy consumption without having to cut your morning showers short!


Voice Control

Control your entire home with the sound of your voice - ask us about the latest in smart home technology.