Clean and Cutting Edge 

This home is located on the home owners farm, near Lake Hood in Ashburton, Canterbury. Their biggest requirement was to have an automated home with a "clean" appearance throughout the entire house, with walls and ceilings free of light switches, security keypads, thermostats and heat pump controllers. “We wanted the house to have everything that would make us comfortable, but without any clutter,"

Canterbury Plains - Entertainment


A fully immersive experience

These home owners have a real love of music and entertaining. Installation of in-ceiling speakers throughout the home ensures that music never fades or stops when you are moving between different areas. In-ceiling speakers are installed in the kitchen, loft, laundry, office, all bathrooms, living room, lounge, foyer, master bedroom, sitting room and in the outdoor living spaces. These rooms have the ability to play different audio or fill the entire home with the same music. In-ceiling audio also ensured that they remained concealed, keeping with the overall clean aesthetic.

Canterbury Plains - Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Setting the scene

“One of the things we love with this system is that all of our lights can be adjusted with one button."
Lighting settings are also used to control fans and demisters in the bathroom, as well as switching the garden lighting on every night and off in the morning. Sensors in the driveway are linked with Control4 to turn on outdoor lights at night when they detect cars entering and indoor sensors are linked to automatically switch on night lights in the hallways and bathrooms when movement is detected.

Having a system that made our daily lives easier was essential
— Home Owner
Canterbury Plains - Control


A home that responds 

The homeowners wanted a system that was simple and easy to use. Keypads throughout the home create scenes, such as "Morning" and "Away". When activated, the "Morning" button brings all of the audio zones to the their favourite radio stations at preselected volume levels, turns on lights, and opens blinds and windows. The "Away" button switches off lights in select rooms, turns off music and TVs, and starts delay-off timers for bathroom fans. This not only gives the family peace of mind when leaving or returning home, it also makes for a more eco-friendly house, saving the owners from using unnecessary electricity.

Canterbury Plains - Infrastructure


Preparing for the future                 

Thinking ahead, this home is future proofed with cabling installed during pre-wire for potential extra speakers and TV locations. As a result, there were over 120 Cat6 runs and 40 speaker cables from the rack out to locations all around the house. Extra audio zones have since been installed, and the customer is currently looking into adding more TV options, all of which can be easily and quickly achieved due to the efficient future planning. 



Project Completed By Electraserve